Kent & Stowe Stainless Steel Long Handled Scarifying Rake, FSC®

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The Kent & Stowe Long Handled Scarifying Rake is ideal for encouraging healthy lawn growth. It removes thatch, moss and dead grass cuttings; opens up the soil surface to improve airflow and the uptake of nutrients and water. It also prepares the ground for sowing new seeds and cutting through topsoil. Use after mowing the lawn and prior to putting down lawn seed. Handcrafted for traditional quality. An oscillating head allows the rake to glide over the lawn with ease. It has 10 sharp tines of high-quality, polished stainless steel, which offer excellent rust resistance and long-lasting performance. Its handle is made from beautiful FSC® approved ash wood, tapered for comfort. The length of the rake is perfect for easy working and eliminates the need for bending.


Length: 155cm

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