Wera Bit-Check 10 Impaktor 3 Set, 10 Piece

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The Wera 8755/67-9/IMP DC Bit-Check Pozi / TORX 9 Piece Set has an Impaktor holder with retaining ring magnet in the chuck for a secure fit of the bits in the holder and 9 25mm long Impaktor bits.

The Impaktor technology ensures an above-average service life even under extreme conditions thanks to the best possible utilisation of the material properties and optimally designed geometry, particularly suitable for use with conventional impact drivers. Holder equipped with a ring magnet to easily hold longer and heavier screws, also ideal for above-head work. The rough diamond coating of the bits reduces the danger of any slipping out of the screw head due to the enhanced frictional resistance.

4 x 25mm Pozidriv Bits: PZ2(x3) and PZ3.
5 x 25mm TORX Bits: TX25(x3), TX30 and TX40.
1 x Impaktor Ring Magnet Bit Holder.

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