Wera Wera 2go 2 XL Tool Container Set, 3 Piece

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The Wera 2go 2 XL Tool Container Set is the ideal solution for individual and convenient tool transport thanks to its hook & loop fastener system and its compactness. The inner and outer hook & loop fastener zones ensure maximum utilisation of space by enabling internal and external docking of sets and Wera 2go articles. This means that an incredible number of tools can fit in and on the container.

Wera 2go 2 ensures a low weight since only the tools really needed for the job are taken along. Made from robust and dimensionally stable material that has a high resistance against cuts and punctures, and protects the tools carried against damage and moisture, enhancing the service life of the tool container, as well as the tools inside. The adjustable padded shoulder strap and the snug fit of the container on the body mean that the container is easy and convenient to carry; hands remain free during transport.

Supplied with:

1 x Wera 2go 2 XL Container: 455 x 330 x 170mm

1 x Wera 2go 4 Tool Quiver: 105 x 165 x 165mm

1 x Wera 2go 6 Shoulder Strap: 1470 x 38mm

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