Wiha 160mm Stripping diagonal cutters Professional electric with DynamicJoint®

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DIN ISO 5749. Manufactured acc. to IEC 60900.

Semi-circular, swedish style.

Low wear lap joint, riveted and able to withstand high loads. The Wiha DynamicJoint® ensures optimal transmission of hand strength to the cutting edges. Lightweight action, clean cutting achieved by specially milled precision cutting edges. Long term cutting is achieved through additional inductive hardening to approx. 64 HRC. Rear cutting area near to plier joint also suitable for medium-hard and hard wire. Front cutting area for soft wire, with precision stripping stations for 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm² single-wire conductor.

High quality C 70 tool steel, tempered.

Special diagonal cutters with additional function for electrical installation. For work in the area of live parts up to 1,000 V AC.

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