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Simplifies your work : Self-locking at AF 17 and above.Also suitable for left-handed users as operated without side push button.

Lowers your costs: Minimises wear and prevents damage to sensitive surfaces thanks to smooth, parallel jaws and backlash-free handling.

Saves space: Replaces a set of metric and imperial open-ended spanners.

Protect your health: Compaction and bending tasks take minimum effort thanks to manual force increased tenfold.

Saves time : Safe, rapid setting directly on the work piece with no need to press any buttons.Ratchet function allows users to fasten screws instantly with a simple glide.

Improved access: Slender design thanks to button-free setting enables it to be used in confined working environments, minimising the risk of damage.

It's difficult and impractical to press a button to adjust pliers when carrying out installation work in confined spaces. The Wiha plier wrench sheds a light on such spots. Work is so much faster and easier when you set the required width across flats directly on the work piece without needing to press a button. Wear and damage to sensitive surfaces are minimised thanks to extremely smooth, parallel-acting jaws. Increased up to ten-fold, the manual force ensures compaction and bending tasks are significantly easier with strain consequently reduced on tendons and the muscular structure. The ratchet principle offers another advantage. The gripping jaw opening stroke makes screw fastening faster thanks to it simply slipping over. This means access to tight workspaces is improved noticeably. Other special features include self-locking from AF 17 and operation and use for both left- and right-handed people thanks to the button-free function.

Application: For working in confined spaces and on sensitive, treated surfaces, such as plumbing and heating fittings. Alternative to open-ended spanner set.

- Max._gripper_width_across_flats 46 mm
- Weight 570 g
- Pliers length (mm) 250 mm
- Plier length in inches 10 "
- Series Z 25 0 01

Article Number: Z25025001

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