We had some very long terms and conditions on Tool Talk but we understand very few people will ever take the time to read them as they are written in legal jargon that is designed to confuse you.

We replaced them with 5 bullets so we are all on the same page about the terms and conditions you (the 'customer') are entering into when purchasing a product from shop.tooltalk.com (the 'shop'), a service by I Need An Expert Ltd ('we').

  1. When a customer makes a purchase on the the shop that customer gives permission for Tool Talk to create that customer a free account in order to collect a review for the product purchased. We will communicate with you by email, SMS or app messaging in order to collect the review
  2. The customer is only permitted to buy a deal once. Any additional purchases will be refunded and repeat attempts to buy a deal will result in refusal of sale of any future deals. If we suspect a customer is trying to use multiple accounts to purchase more than one deal we will action as above
  3. Signatures are required by our carriers to take receipt of good purchased. Where Tool Talk can provide proof of carrier collection but the item has not been successfully received, the customer is required to contact the carrier directly to resolve the issue
  4. Deals purchased are not for resale purposes and we reserve the right to close accounts where we discover this is the case
  5. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time