Adey Procheck Refill Kit

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ADEY has launched a next-generation water testing kit which provides lab-style results instantly to a smartphone, enabling installers to visualise the need for water treatment to the homeowner and treat water quality issues in one site visit. The revolutionary ADEY ProCheck universal water test kit and supporting app is the first of its kind to offer onsite lab-style analysis of system water, providing instant (independent) validation of system health via an app and reporting platform. The ADEY ProCheck test kit and app uses advanced technology to carry out a lab-style test for three main areas of concern; protective inhibitor levels, corrosion and pH levels. Whilst on site, a water sample is taken from the system and a dip test is carried out using the dedicated ProCheck strips supplied with the kit. This strip is placed on a test card before being scanned to the app using the phone camera to be analysed and verified. A report with recommendations is immediately created. The ADEY ProCheck Refill Kit includes 25 test strips, 10 test cards and a water sampler.

Product Features
  • Instant lab-style test and results on your phone
  • Results for inhibitor, corrosion and pH levels in the system
  • Independent recommendation for corrective action where required
  • Certification of water system health to send via email
  • Record of all tests via the ADEY ProCheck Report Management System

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