Center Cb Brass Ball Type Pump Valve 28mm X 1.1/2"

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This 28mm Ball Type Pump Valve is used to isolate central heating circulating pumps. The valve uses an internal ball which is operated by a screwdriver slot to isolate the flow of water to the circulating pump. The design is compact when compared to a traditional pump valve, allowing the valve to be fitted where space is at a premium. One end of the valve uses a 28mm compression joint which can be connected to 28mm copper pipe, while the other end uses an 11/2” nut and washers allowing the valve to be securely screwed onto the flange of the circulating pump. The main body of the valve is manufactured from a hot forging, making it durable and hard wearing to allow for trouble free usage.

Product Features
  • Connection for between domestic circulation pumps and copper pipes
  • Isolation point if the circulation pump need to be removed
  • Compression connection

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