Center Rf Wireless 7-Day Programmable Room Thermostat

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The Center RF Wireless 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat provides efficient and automatic control of domestic heating systems. Designed from the ground up, this thermostat combines a wealth of features with intuitive heating time and temperature control, making it an excellent choice for a huge variety of domestic dwelling applications. The Center thermostat features adaptive control technology which maintains the internal temperature of the home by matching the heating system output to the current demand. Put simply, the thermostat automatically adjusts the flow temperatures to match the system demand, maintaining room temperatures at the required user set value. This feature increases system efficiency whilst also making this thermostat fully Boiler Plus compliant. Another key feature of this thermostat is the inclusion of optimum start & stop technology. This technology drastically increases both the efficiency and comfort of your heating system by learning the ‘warm up’ and ‘cool down’ response times of your heating system in order to calculate the appropriate time for the heating system to be activated and switched off. The user orientated features don’t end there though; the Center thermostat includes a low battery indicator, automatic daylight-saving time change function, fail safe mode and frost protection for ultimate piece of mind.Many thermostats on the market feature a plethora of confusing, hard to use buttons. That’s not the case with this Center thermostat. Featuring only 5, large soft touch buttons and a clear, easy to understand on-screen display, the intuitive user interface of the Center thermostat has been designed to be as easy to programme and use as possible.Installation of the Center RF Wireless thermostat has been developed to be as simple as possible for the installer. The thermostat comes pre-bound with the receiver unit out of the box, saving considerable installation time, whilst the receiver unit itself can be wired from either behind or the side for flexibility and features fully labelled terminals. The receiver unit also incorporates an LED indicator and a control button that can be used to fire the boiler for easy testing. All these features have been purposely designed to make the installation and handover process as quick and easy as possible for installers and ongoing usage simple for property owners. Versatility is a key consideration and therefore feature of the Center thermostat; it has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of boilers and systems including 24–230V on/off systems such as gas & oil boilers, combi-boilers and heat pumps. The Center thermostat is not suitable for the control of electric heating.The Center RF Wireless 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat is the perfect choice for installers that value speed and ease of installation and for home owners that require high levels automatic heating control whilst also prioritising energy efficiency across a broad spectrum of boilers and heating systems.

Product Features
  • Minimalistic and modern design - discreetly blends-in to any type of home
  • Boiler Plus Compliant
  • Adaptive control function – accurately and efficiently helps maintain the required temperature setting
  • Optimum start & stop technology – drastically increases the efficiency of your heating system
  • Factory pre-bound to the RF receiver unit – allows for simple, fuss-free installation
  • Wall-mounting backplate and table stand included allows for the ultimate installation flexibility
  • Large back-lit LCD display with time and temperature makes it easy to read current and desired temperature setting
  • Simple and ergonomic user interface with only 5 buttons – makes it very easy to use and setup heating programmes
  • 7-day & 5/2 day heating program to match your lifestyle, whilst maximising energy savings
  • Choice of up to 4 independent temperature periods per day with a copy function
  • Battery powered (with low-power indicator)
  • 'Active’/‘In use’ confirmation makes it easy to identify if the heating is on or off
  • 24-hr and 12-hr clock display format option
  • Built-in memory holds the user program indefinitely
  • ErP: Class IV (+2%), (EU) 811/2013

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