End-Feed Fittings Special Tub (Pack Of 310)

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These end feed fittings special tub/fittings bucket is part of the end feed general range designed for end-feeding with soft solder or hard solder (brazing alloy). Designed with smooth lines to minimise flow restrictions, these fittings are unobtrusive on exposed pipelines. A solder joint is created through the principle of capillary action, when the fitting and tube is assembled and heated to the appropriate temperature, the solder becomes molten and is drawn into the gap between the tube and fitting for a durably reliable joint.

Product Features

  • Includes a range of fittings
  • With plastic bucket

Web Pack Includes

1 x Bucket
50 x 544833 15mm centre end-feed straight couplings
25 x 544834 22mm centre end-feed straight couplings
150 x 544763 15mm centre end-feed 90°ree bends
50 x 544764 22mm centre end-feed 90°ree bends
25 x 544803 15mm centre end-feed equal tees
10 x 544804 22mm centre end-feed equal tees


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