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The Quikcore starter kit is a brand new product to the market.

See video testimonials from the Tool Talk Testers club above and see what trades like you think about it. 

The QUIKCORE® has been designed to make drilling holes a breeze. 

Here's how...

Stitch drilling and bolstering out holes has been widely adopted for centuries, but historically it has been slow and inaccurate.

In the late 19th century there was a technological change that saw diamond tipped hole cutting introduced, which proved to be far quicker, more precise and is globally accepted even to the present day.

Unfortunately, core bits by design, do however fail to offer a quick and easy solution to disconnect from the drill. Many will also agree that removing unwanted waste material from a drill's core bit can be laborious, time consuming and potentially damaging to your current tools as you try to push the material out.

The QUIKCORE® Starter Kit is designed to make this entire process easier.

What's included:

• 2 x QUIKCORE® Drill Adapter
• 2 x QUIKCORE® Core Adapter
• 1 x QUIKCORE® Knockout Tool

QUIKCORE® Adapters:
Stop breaking a sweat by using spanners and muscle strength you don’t have to unscrew your core bits. It wastes your energy and breaks your threads. No more threads locking up and spending even more of your hard earned cash on replacements.
The Quikcore quick release system makes changing core bits a breeze.

QUIKCORE® Knockout Tool:
Stop wasting time pulling at cores with pliers and whatever tool you have to hand. With the Quikcore Knockout Tool you can pop out the core in less than 5 seconds and get on with drilling your next hole.

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