Sentinel Best Practice Protection Pack

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Sentinel Best Practice Pack is a one pack solution to ensure thorough water treatment for your heating system. The Best Practice Pack including the Eliminator Vortex300 filter with 22mm direct fit GRP T-piece (includes isolation valves), X800 Fast Acting Cleaner 1l and X100 Inhibitor 1l.

Product Features
  • Vortex300 filter has a unique Vortex Core with powerful neodymium magnet assembly. This retains more magnetite than other leading filters, and ensures the filter cannot block. This as a result, aids capture of other types of debris.
  • The filter has a compact design combined with in-line installation and 360? rotating T-piece. This allows for ease and speed of installation on all orientations of pipework.
  • The X100 has a unique anti-corrosion formulation with multiple heavy duty inhibitors. This protects all common system metals against corrosion, and is particularly effective in protecting aluminium
  • Sentinel chemicals include intelligent formulation with pH stabilisers. This prevents swings in pH which can cause, and accelerate corrosion of high value components such as heat exchangers and radiators
  • Sentinel X800 has an unrivalled chemical technology which reduces circulation time to just 1 hour

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