Sentinel Vortex Hydrocyclone Filter 300Ml Valves 22Mm T-Piece Brass

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If left to circulate, central heating system debris can cause premature failure of pumps or valves or settle as deposits, impacting boiler efficiency and the effectiveness of the system. The Sentinel Eliminator® is the first central heating system filter to combine the use of true hydrocyclones with a special multi-magnet arrangement to maximise the removal and retention of both magnetic and non-magnetic debris.

Product Features
  • Quadra-Cyclone Technology
  • Removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris
  • Easy to fit to any pipework orientation
  • Dual maintenance options: dismantle unit or use drain valve
  • Dual seal arrangement to minimise risk of leakage
  • Cannot block: full unit does not affect system flow
  • Four magnets to optimise capture of material removed by cyclones

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