Wiha 34pc Electricians Set

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The handy tool case is equipped with 34 high-quality hand tools, of which the majority offer additional safety when working on live parts due to their VDE-certified insulation.

What's in the case?

  • Needle nose pliers Professional electric 200mm [Wiha product Code 26727]
  • Professional electric diagonal cutters with DynamicJoint® 160mm [Wiha product Code 43335]
  • Stripping pliers Professional electric 160mm [Wiha product Code 26847]
  • Crimping pliers Professional electric 145mm [Wiha product Code 35861]
  • L-key set in Compact holder 10pcs [Wiha product Code 01418]
  • Stripping tool [Wiha product Code 35969]
  • Electrician's Longlife® folding ruler, 2 m [Wiha product Code 42068]
  • Electrician's spirit level [Wiha product Code 42074]
  • Screwdriver with bit magazine LiftUp electric 7pcs [Wiha product Code 38611]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric 2,5mm [Wiha product Code 00820]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix 3,5mm [Wiha product Code 35446]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix 5,5mm [Wiha product Code 35391]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix 6,5mm [Wiha product Code 35392]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix PH1 [Wiha product Code 35393]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix PH2 [Wiha product Code 35394]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix PZ1 [Wiha product Code 35395]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix PZ2 [Wiha product Code 35396]
  • Screwdriver SoftFinish® electric slimFix SL/PZ2 [Wiha product Code 36330]

In addition, the case offers ample space for further individual additional equipment thanks to extra loops and storage space.

The polypropylene case guarantees robustness and can be secured against theft with padlocks at the integrated eyelets (these are not included in the scope of delivery). The ergonomic two-component handle ensures a comfortable carrying experience. The tool case basic is also ideally suited for flights thanks to the air pressure compensation valve and can be clearly assigned to the owner with the existing, self-labelled name plate. Certified to protection class IP 67, the Wiha tool case is dust- and waterproof. With its 20 L capacity and a permissible load-bearing capacity of up to 14.2 kg, it is prepared for a wide range of operating conditions.

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