Wiha BitBuddy TY Bit Set 29 mm Phillips Pozidriv Torx 8-Pcs 1/4"

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Lowers your costs: Bit quick and easy to find thanks to red marking – even in dark environments by using an UV light.

Saves time : No long searches thanks to fluorescent bit, infrequent bit replacement thanks to long lifespan.Automatic opening at the push of a button and simple bit change directly in the holder.

Increases your efficiency : The all-rounder with 120x greater lifespan* thanks to patented bit technology, suitable for all screws. (*compared to Wiha standard bit)

Tired of having no hand free and searching for the right bit in vain? The Wiha BitBuddy¨ allows you to position bits directly in the machine and return them to the holder easily. With its strong magnet, the bit holder contained in the set allows you to handle the buddy using a single hand thanks to its innovative design. The pioneering arrangement of bits in the holder and the lasered profile size on the bit base ensure that it is extremely simple to select the right size when removing the bit from the holder. Universal in its use, the multitalented TY bit is suitable for all types of screws ‚Äì both T-shaped and Y-shaped screws ‚Äì and thus the ideal tool for fastenings in all kinds of materials. Thanks to its patented torsion zone, the bit is also suitable for power tools and impact screwdrivers and guarantees a 120x greater lifespan compared to Wiha standard bits. The coloured bits are also quick and easy to find, even in the dark by using an UV light, thanks to its fluorescent coating. This reduces the number of bits which are lost and saves on the expense of acquiring new ones.

Application: Suitable for all types of screws. Also suitable for power tools and impact screwdrivers

  • 1 x Bit holder magnetic extra strong magnet, 1/4" (41922) 60 mm
  • 1 x TY-Bit 29 mm Phillips 1/4" PH2
  • 1 x TY-Bit 29 mm Pozidriv 1/4" PZ1
  • 1 x TY-Bit 29 mm Pozidriv 1/4" PZ2
  • 1 x TY-Bit 29 mm Pozidriv 1/4" PZ3
  • 1 x TY-Bit 29 mm TORX¨ 1/4" T15
  • 1 x TY-Bit 29 mm TORX¨ 1/4" T20
  • 1 x TY-Bit 29 mm TORX¨ 1/4" T25
- Weight 129,1 g
- Series SB 7945-TY903

Article Number: SB7945TY903

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