Wiha Flashlight With Led Laser And UV

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Simplifies your work : Retaining clip and magnetic positioner on the lid allows you to keep hands free for other tasks.Integrated laser makes it easier to fix position more precisely and project measurements for ceiling installations, for example. Perfect light positioning thanks to lamp head swivelling in an L shape.

Increases your safety: Power-on time of 2 seconds prevents the laser being activated by accident.

Increases your efficiency : Very strong LED lamp – two light intensities to adjust to light conditions as required. Includes laser and UV light.

The multi-functional flashlight sheds light on things in three ways. A universal work tool, it features an integrated laser, UV light and LED light. The LED light function provides two lighting levels, which allow you to adjust the flashlight to specific light conditions, thus improving your field of vision. The practical retaining clip and the magnetic positioning mechanism free your hands for other tasks. Thanks to the integrated magnets, this flashlight can also be positioned as required in most electrical enclosures. The lamp head also swivels into a L-shape, enabling the user to point the light source in the direction required for the task at hand. The integrated laser makes it easier to fix positions more precisely and project measurements when installing lights on the ceiling, for example. A delayed switch-on interval of 2 seconds prevents the laser being activated accidentally. This flashlight is also eminently suitable for technical inspections thanks to its integrated UV light.

Application: Laser to position drill holes on the ceiling. UV light suitable for technical inspections. Strong LED lamp with two lighting levels adjustable to the specific light conditions.

- UV 390 - 400 nm mW
- Weight 252 g
- Blister packed x
- LED 100 / 310 lm lm
- Series 24670
- Laser Class 2
- Battery 3 x AAA batteries

Article Number: SB24670

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