Wiha FlipSelector T Bit Set 25 mm Hexagon 16-Pcs 1/4"

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Lowers your costs: Bit quick and easy to find thanks to blue marking – even in dark environments by using an UV light.

Saves time : No long searches thanks to fluorescent bit, infrequent bit replacement thanks to long lifespan.Simple and rapid bit removal thanks to clear organisation and automatic opening at the push of a button.

Increases your efficiency : The specialist with 120x greater lifespan* thanks to optimised bit for T-shaped screws(*compared to Wiha standard bit)

Until now, when buying bits it hasn't been very easy to determine which bits are suitable for which applications. Wiha puts an end to this complexity of considering the appliance used, the fastening type and the large selection of different bits. Thanks to Wiha's revolutionary bit concept, only the screw shape is the deciding factor when selecting the right bit.For example, the T-bit is ideal for fastening T-shaped screws with an angle of 90° between the thread and screw head. Thanks to its patented torsion zone, the bit is also suitable for power tools and impact screwdrivers and guarantees a 120x greater lifespan compared to Wiha standard bits. The coloured bits are also quick and easy to find, even in the dark by using an UV light, thanks to its fluorescent coating. This reduces the number of bits which are lost and saves on the expense of acquiring new ones. The bits, including the bit holder, are neatly stored away in the FlipSelector, making it easy to remove bits quickly.

Application: Suitable for fastening T-shaped screws. Also suitable for power tools and impact screwdrivers

  • 1 x Bit holder magnetic extra strong magnet, 1/4" (41922) 60 mm
  • 3 x T-Bit 25 mm Hexagon 1/4" SW3
  • 3 x T-Bit 25 mm Hexagon 1/4" SW4
  • 3 x T-Bit 25 mm Hexagon 1/4" SW5
  • 3 x T-Bit 25 mm Hexagon 1/4" SW6
- Weight 158,96 g
- Series SB 7947-T303

Article Number: SB7947T303

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