Wiha Insulated Crimp Butt Connectors

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Increases your safety: High thermal resistance up to 105 °C.

Makes handling easier: Quick, easy cable insertion thanks to funnel sleeve.

Saves time : No further insulation required after pressing.

Increases your process safety: Consistently high processing quality for permanent safe contact.

A safe connection is essential when installing electrical lines. A gas-tight connection can be established using the Wiha automatic crimp tool and connectors, thus guaranteeing a long-term safe contact. The conical-shaped collar makes it easier to insert wires into the sleeve. Wiha halogen-free cable eyes offer heat resistance up to 105 °C. They are manufactured to DIN 46341 measurement specifications and are certified to the applicable standards and UL requirements.

Application: Ideal for connecting earthing cables. Suitable for use in switch cabinet construction, cable preparation, railway vehicle construction and car music system installation.

- l1 26
- d2 2,3
- Content 100
- mm² 1,5-2,5
- Weight 144 g
- AWG 16-14
- d1 4,5
- Series C101
- Colour blue

Article Number: C101X015025

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