Wiha Quickcheck Torque Testing Device

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Increases your safety: Checking your torque tool regularly guarantees safe, precise work with the correct torque.

Saves time : LED traffic light system displays results in a way which is quick and easy to understand.

Increases your efficiency : Fast, easy checking of your torque tool thanks to mobile, compact shape.

Applying the wrong torque can lead to serious consequences during delicate screw fastening tasks. The result is often damage to materials, a great deal of rectification work and warranty claims. With the Torque QuickCheck from Wiha, you can quickly and easily test the iTorque¨ and Torque Vario¨ torque screwdrivers to check the precision of the set torque value before each use. Checking tools regularly guarantees reliable, precise work. Torque QuickCheck also impresses thanks to its user-friendly testing procedure: The Wiha torque screwdriver concerned is inserted into Torque QuickCheck together with the enclosed adapter blades to verify how precise the torque tool is. The LED light then clearly indicates the result in traffic light colours. Thanks to its compact, handy shape, the Torque QuickCheck is the ideal companion when out on jobs.

Application: Only suitable for all Wiha torque screwdrivers which can be configured to a check value of 2.8 Nm.

- Nm 2,8 Nm
- Tolerance 2 %
- Weight 675 g
- Blister packed x
- Series 2909

Article Number: 2909101

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