Wiha SoftFinish Dowel Racket Set

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Simplifies your work : Dirt- and dust-free work compared to when machines are used.

Increases your safety: Galvanic separation in the handle prevents a discharge between the striking cap and the blade.

Protect your health: Dowel hole can be made anywhere using a hammer at any time, even near power sockets.

Saves time : Hammer dowel holes anywhere at any time without worrying how near you are to wall sockets.

Increases your efficiency : Scaled impact screwdriver blade provides more detailed depth measurement. Perfectly dimensioned dowel hole thanks to blade adjusted to required size.

There is more to the dowel racket than meets the eye. A special structure in its interior provides galvanic separation between the blade and the solid steel cap. This ensures that the tool is optimally suited to hammering dowel holes quickly and easily. No drill. No mess. No continuous noise. The galvanic separation between the blade and solid steel cap ensures that the user is always protected, even if they accidentally hit a live wire. The profile has also been optimised to ensure that there is as little splitting as possible when hammering into the wall. The scale on the blade quickly and conveniently shows the user how deep the hole is. The soft zone of the ergonomically shaped SoftFinish¨ multi-component handle is made of special, skin-friendly material and is perfectly sized in your hand.

Application: Anchor holes for aerated concrete, lightweight concrete, drywall and hollow brick up to max. 650 kg/m³.

  • 1 x Dowel racket
  • 2 x Fischer dowel 6 x 30
  • 2 x Fischer dowel 6 x 40
- Weight 208 g
- Series SB 534S5

Article Number: SB534S5

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